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More LIFE groups are launching in January of 2024! 
In order to launch more LIFE groups in January, we need more leaders.  This Sunday, November 5th at 5pm we are hosting the LIFE groups vision casting and leadership training.  If you are interested in leading a LIFE group we encourage you to join us for training.
With the growth we have been experiencing here at Kimball Christian Church; we also need to stay connected through smaller groups.  LIFE groups are a great place for people to come together on a weekly basis with the shared purpose of fostering life-change.  By developing meaningful relationships we can stay committed to loving Jesus and loving like Jesus. 
LIFE groups will help us grow spiritually as we experience the life-transforming power of discovering God’s word.  As we discover God’s word together, we can grow in our relationship with one another.  Together, we encourage one another to love like Jesus and multiply our faith by sharing with those that need to know Jesus in a deep meaningful way.